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This price plan is no longer active. To view the most up-to-date and active prices, please visit the page featuring new prices.

Transparent pricing $25/user/month - no hidden cost


Number of users:

ERPAG offers one of the best and most affordable pricing models - read WHY

Price per user per month: $ 25

Total monthly bill: $

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Features All Included
Support Included
Mobile App 5 Users
Customer Portal 10 Users
Computing resources Shared
Accounting Integration Xero, QuickBooks Online
eCommerce Integration Shopify, WooCommerce, Square, Magento
Shippers Integration More than 50
Payment Integration Stripe, Paypal, 2Checkout
Multi-Currency Included
Multiple Warehouses Yes
Database size 10GB (Approx: 100.000 documents)

Need MORE?

ERPAG Professional for Enterprise-grade solutions with high volume data-flow, needing dedicated server resources

    Support is exclusively in English.
    Working hours are from 07-16h EST.
    No hidden cost. Each subscription is highly optimised for the best performance.
    Buy a yearly plan and get 2 months for free.

Pricing FAQ

What if I pay in the middle of the month?
The ERPAG monthly license lasts 31 days, so it doesn’t matter when you bought it.

Will my account be automatically renewed after my license expires?
No, ERPAG doesn’t renew your account automatically. We will notify you 7 days before your license expires and you will be able to make the following payment in timely fashion, without fear of having your credit card charged without your consent.

What about security?
We use four redundant server clusters. This means that your data are stored on four different geolocations. Moreover, we provide various in-app tools that help you create custom- made local backups, and all server to client communication is encrypted by using SSL encryption. Last but not the least, ERPAG uses the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol which enables you to open a new ERPAG account by using your Google or Microsoft credentials, to which we do not have access. In such cases, ERPAG uses Google or Microsoft sign-in procedures to obtain a unique security token, thus enabling you to log-in safely.

What about your Money Back Policy?
We want you to have a great experience. That’s why we offer the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If needed, we will give you back your money and deactivate your account.

Delivery Policy
All new customers, regardless of the type of subscription, will be transferred to the subscription/dedicated servers in the 48 hr timeframe.

What are Free Trial limitations?
This license is different from other packages because it's computing power is rather low priority and depends on the resources shared with other free users, whereas paid licenses have greater computing power at hand.All ERP options in the app are available. Free Trial has 15 days time limit.

I just want to try the app and see if it suits my needs. What should I do?
Then choose the FREE TRIAL.There is time limit for the FREE TRIAL (15 days)license and all options are available.